Bitter Sweet

Good morning!  I thought I’d give you a little insight to my novel so have extracted a passage I think might tantalize you…

“Tabatha closed the door quietly but firmly and walked off along the dirt track, clad only in her black dustbin bags, her bare feet feeling tender against the rough surface.

Chester sat in his seat staring through the windshield at her back, feeling utterly useless.  She had travelled perhaps three hundred and fifty metres when he heard the deafening noise and his heart filled with dread and despair.  He recognised the sound instantly as that of a trumpeting elephant and it was a mere few seconds before the vision confirmed his suspicions.

The lone bull elephant charged from the trees on the left of the track.  Tabatha was too far away to retreat to the relative safety of the car, but her reaction was quick.  She ducked off to the right into a stand of Mopani trees, her tender feet forgotten.

Chester too forgot his own aches and pains for a moment and leaned across to the driver’s side, pressing hard on the hooter bar across the steering wheel.  The blaring horn temporarily distracted the giant elephant and he skidded to a halt, dust billowing up under his enormous feet.  With his huge ears flapping, his trunk raised like a serpent, he bellowed again.  Chester ignored the agony of his wounds and continued to hold down the horn.

At last the monstrous animal turned his attention fully on the object which was making an almost equal din as he was.  With ears still flapping, and continuing to trumpet, the elephant charged directly at the car.  Chester felt his bowels loosen and squeezed his buttocks together, at the same time taking his hand away from the steering wheel.”

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